Customer Testimonials

Caroline Mitchell


I am so grateful Karissa came into my life. When I met her I had been riding for years, but it was Karissa that kicked my riding into  a gear I didn't know existed. I am one of many that that has benefited from her ability to pick a horse. I call her the "horse match-maker" as I have seen time and time again her success in creating the perfect team. And lastly. I am grateful for my main squeeze Murray, which she made possible. Karissa's ability to ride, her gift for choosing remarkable horses and capability to teach both of these things to others comes from nothing other than hard work, experience and most importantly passion. I am so proud to have had her as a trainer and would do anything I could to return even half the happiness she has given me.

Melissa Simulcik


In addition to being an excellent instructor, Karissa helped me find                     'the perfect horse' not once but twice. She listened to what I was looking for and helped me find prospects that fit my goals and budget. I knew I could trust her judgment and integrity and she found two horses for me that were exactly what I wanted and needed as a rider. She helped me every step of the way looking for sale horses, contacting sellers, evaluating horses, going through pre-purchase exams and finalizing each sale. She truly has a gift for matching horses and riders, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for their next dream horse.

Sara Staubach


Not only am I grateful to my parents for their gift and generosity but also to Karissa for her role in making my dream horse a reality. She has a unique talent for matching riders and horses together that is uncanny. I have never felt that bond that I feel when I ride Cristo with any other horse that I have ridden. She also genuinely cares about the future of her riders and horses, sacrificing in order for horse and rider to reach their dreams and full potential. Whether I am riding, grooming, bathing or just grazing Cristo it is one of the best parts of my day. We have been improving as a team and are currently working on a 3'3" courses and are looking forward to competing more frequently in shows once I graduate this July.