Katalyst Sporthorses and Karissa Cassidy
​Katalyst Sporthorses is pleased to offer instruction by Karissa Cassidy for both horse and rider. Karissa has over 31 years of riding experience and has trained with international dressage rider Sheila Kaufman and European instructor,  trainer and vet Dr Henri Lespinasse and Grand Prix rider Brody Robertson. With experience on the HITS national jumping circuit, St Louis Charity Horse Show and the American Royal, her experience in the jumper ring makes her a competent instructor, emphasizes European theories of balance, straightness and suppleness. Karissa has also made multiple trips to Europe, working closely with Marc Johannsmann to select and import quality warmbloods for clients as well as for the farm.
Her accomplishments include:
2016 Standings on Walleroo H:
*Division Champion 1.20m, 1.30 Reserve champion, 
Waco AA show
*Champion Champion Tulsa Fall Classic
2014 Standings on Walleroo H:
*Double clear and 3rd place in their very first Welcome Stake
*6th place in the Welcome Stake, week two of the show
*Named brand ambassador for Dapple Bay
2013 Standings on Walleroo H:
*MOHJO Year End Champion 1.20m Jumpers
*MOHJO 4th place overall 1.15m Jumpers
*1.20m Champion American Royal Horse show
*1.15 and 1.20m Champion Brownland Farms AA